For those who don’t know me, my name is Joshua. I am from Richmond, Va and am preparing to embark on an epic adventure across the globe. I have been tirelessly working for the past 7 years to achieve my academic goals and after all these years can proudly proclaim that I have my bachelors and masters in exercise science and movement physiology, respectively. I have an abundant enthusiasm for life, yet have never had the chance to see life outside of the world I know and live in.

This trip has been a dream of mine for a nearly a decade and I anticipate these travels to provide me with a number of opportunities to understand life and culture outside of the U.S. I also expect to grow and learn about myself in the process as I will likely be outside of my comfort zone nearly the whole trip!

Up until this point, I have lived my life rigorously structured and planned in order to achieve my goals and provide a foothold for my future. However after all the years of hard work, I have sacrificed a great deal of my youth to pursue my education. I don’t regret this by any means, yet I feel like there is still so much more I have to learn outside of the classroom and outside of the U.S.  So I have decided to take step back from the reigns of control of my life and will let God/life take me where it takes me. This is a very hard process for me as I like to plan for EVERYTHING but with that being said…

I have sketched out an itinerary of places I will go on my first trip; which will be from Western Europe to Thailand. I will be documenting my travels through this website as well other social media facets. I am excited about sharing pictures, videos, and experiences of my travel. If you couldn’t have guessed by my two degrees or the name of the website I love fitness, exercise, and general wellness. I am not entirely sure as to how I want to incorporate these passions into my travel blog, but I will likely start by including: videos of different homemade body weight exercises; various meal preps and ways to eat healthy, affordable meals while traveling; finally I will aim to try to talk with people I meet about their ideas/notions of what it means to be healthy.

My next blog post will be further highlighting my goals for this trip stay tuned.



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