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Hello to all!

Alright, I am way overdue for my first actual travel post! I would have posted more sooner but as astonishing as Ireland is, the wifi here is dreadful. Thankfully, I am finally at a hostel in Galway that actually has a secure and solid connection. Additionally, over the past week, Mel and I have been in a rental car and driving all throughout southern and western Ireland and have had little to no down time going from place to place.

So lets begin! We arrived in Belfast last Tuesday (8/15) around noon, however our bus to Dublin didn’t leave til 3:00 pm so had some time to kill. We were both very hungry and slightly nauseated from the time difference and lack of food so we quickly found a pub to get our first taste of irish cuisine and drink. Mel got the equivalent of bangers and mash and I got the equivalent of sheppard’s pie. Both were tasty however the bangers and mash had a very different taste than what either of us were accustomed to (not bad, but not overly enjoyable). We also of course had to get our very first pint of real Guinness

After killing some time walking around we boarded our bus and began our to journey to Dublin. We arrived in Northern Dublin around 6:00 pm jet-lagged and weary eyed but full of excitement and enthusiasm. We quickly navigated our way to the hostel we were staying called Mec Hostel and got out stuff settled in so we could tour the city.  We walked around for several hours before retiring back to the hostel with a couple of beers and bread which we ate in the hostels courtyard/garden. Here we met a fellow American couple (in there 30’s) who had been backpacking for 7 months and were preparing to fly home. They gave us some great tips and advice for not only traveling but also traveling as a couple (prime advice was avoid hangriness aka if you’re both hungry it will lead to anger… never a truer statement). We also met a lovely German couple from Munich who gave us great advice about our upcoming travels to Oktoberfest.  After finishing our beer and conversations we were more than ready for bed. The first nights sleep in the hostel was not the easiest, we attempted to sleep together in a very small (a little less than a twin size) top bunk; luckily we were both so tired we konked out fairly easily.

To be cont…



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