I’m slowly beginning to realize all the challenges that come with trying to maintain and add material to a public blog. The writing is easy and barely takes any time but the uploading of media has been one of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of this online journal. Between trying to edit videos, add/upload pictures/videos from one device to another, and then the waiting for the internet to connection to try to work, as well as keeping in mind my content storage limitations this has been a pretty arduous task. I have now decided I’ll just be adding photos to the blog instead of videos because I have a hard time justifying 3 hours for one video to load -_-  I believe there is a way to share videos through links and so I might be trying to do that instead. I also think that between the two computers I have neither are very savvy for film editing so I will have to leave most of my GoPro video footage in limbo till I can get back in the states get a better (newer) computer and maybe make a YouTube channel. With all that said let’s hop into today’s post!

We woke up after a night of incredible fun and drinking at the local pub McArthy’s and checked out of our airbnb a little before noon. From Fethard we made our way to another tourist attraction, “Castle Cahir.” This was a full on castle that was pretty much entirely intact. We had to be pay to enter this castle so we figured we might as well go for the guided tour. The tour guide did an outstanding job bringing history to life describing how attacks were fended off as well as how the castle was rebuilt after the siege of 1599. After the tour ended we explored the castle for quite a while doing some more reading on various artifacts as well as more on the siege. The castle even had a scale model of the attack as well as the history behind (full story of the siege here ). We took several pictures and videos (video’s you just have to wait for sorry folks) but the overall experience was truly incredible!




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After we left Castle Cahir we made our way to the City of Cork. This was about an hour and half drive which we made fairly comfortably and with no mishaps. I finally started getting the hang of driving in Ireland, although there were still some areas that I felt pretty uncomfortable. We arrived at the city of cork in the early evening (around 4:30). We found a parking space and set out on foot to explore the city. The city of Cork was probably one of my favorite places in Ireland and it saddens me that we only spent the day there because even though we explored for 3 hours straight I feel as if we only began to scratch the surface. of the city We spent most of the time just wandering around with no specific objectives however we did find an awesome street band (who we actually met later in Galway), and a really cool cathedral that we got to snap some pictures before it closed. We also go to examine and walk through the university there which seemed like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel. The university had a massive campus as well as many pieces of art that were open to the public, we took full advantage of the free touring and wore our feet down til we both had blisters on our heels.

After wandering the city for the better part of the evening we decided it was time to try some local cuisine. Cork is a maritime city and so we heard that this was one of the best places to try Ireland’s famed fish and chips. We asked a local guard (police) as well as a toll attendant what their favorite fish and chips spot was and the conclusion led us to a place called “The Fish’s Wife.” Mel and I both ordered cod for our fish and chips which was served with oil and vinegar as well as a green paste (later we found out called mushy peas… essentially smashed peas). I of course ordered a Guinness alongside my meal and we both went to town. I don’t know if it was because we were so hungry from walking around or if the meal really was that good, but it was easily the best fish and chips i’ve ever had!!

After we finished dinner we made our way to another pub “Dan Lowery’s” that had wifi so we could touch base with home and call our respective families. We ordered a flight of some local taps and sat down and called (via wifi) our parents. Unfortunately the connection was spotty at best so the calls kept dropping still it was great to hear a familiar voice that was not with a thick irish accent 😉




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That night we decided we would try to sleep in the car to try to save some money on the budget seeing as how we were running over our daily limit by a decent amount. We drove for a while looking for a pull off on the highway (equivalent to the rest stops in the state) however we had no luck. We drove around for about an hour until we found a parking lot that seemed safe enough to park in overnight.  That night it was fairly warm out so we laid the back seats down (we had an SUV) and tried to make the cosiest bed possible, which wasn’t very cozy at all. Still we fell asleep for a couple of hours until about 4 in the morning when the temperature seemingly dropped out of nowhere and we were left freezing in the back of the car. We took the cold as long as we could but eventually caved in and started the car to warm it up (which took like 30 min -_-). We fell asleep for another 20 minutes or so before awaking to a gentle knock on the window. Sure enough some police officers had spotted us and were concerned with what we were doing. I’ll never forget this because I was expecting to be in some sort of trouble but when I rolled down the window the one officer said in a thick irish accent, “taking a snooze are we?” I told them we were travelers trying to save a buck and sleep in the car and he responded by asking if we had been drinking (which we had not) and when I said no he simply said “Right, on your way” and left us to be.

By this point it was about 5 o’clock in the morning and both were fairly awake between the cold and the adrenaline of the expectation of getting in trouble. We googled what was nearby and found that Blarney Castle (and the Blarney Stone) were quite close. So we mustered the energy and made our way to the attraction. Unfortunately the castle and stone were closed off for several more hours but we didn’t want that to stop us from having a noteworthy morning. On our way to the castle we had driven on a pretty large hill that overlooked a number of farms and hills. We decided that this would be an ideal place to watch the sunrise, so we made camp and waited while nomming on some breakfast (granola and leftover scones) and watched one of the prettiest sunrises I’ve ever seen. I tried to capture a time-lapse on my GoPro but unfortunately it stopped recording about 10 secs in (with me unaware) so we left only with some pictures. However I must say the pictures themselves were still pretty great!





This pretty much takes us right into the next day which I will have to expand on at another time. This day although having some bumps was amazing, just like the rest, and was adventure filled from beginning to end.

Side note: The one thing I can safely say I miss about America is our internet connection. I finished this post over 4 hours ago and have been waiting for the last 4 hours to try and get 15-20 photos to upload to this website. Ugghhhhh!


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